From Grixis in Atlanta to Setting Smart Goals


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KYT, Rob Lombardi, and Vince D’Agostino welcome special guest First Strike Nation member Sergio Ferry, who made 9th place at last weekend’s Grand Prix Atlanta playing Grixis Midrange in Standard!

  • (00:02:53) What was the genesis of the Grixis Midrange deck? What changes did Sergio make to the list?
  • (00:11:56) What are the matchups like for Grixis Midrange? Which decks does Sergio not want to see?
  • (00:17:34) Is this the right formula for Grixis in Standard?
  • (00:24:09) Highlights from Sergio’s Grand Prix
  • (00:30:57) Why is Sergio so high on cryptocurrency right now? What are Rob’s suggested changes to the Grixis deck?
  • (00:33:42) What are the differences between the various takes on Red decks from the Grand Prix top 8?
  • (00:39:24) Are there any real solutions for unintentional draws?
  • (00:48:11) Unstable spoilers: How about those new basic lands?
  • (00:53:38) Iconic Masters coming out this Friday! Is anyone hyped? Is this just too many new releases?
  • (00:59:27) What are some of the ways to come back after a bad tournament?

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