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KYT, Andy, Elliot, and Jonathan hang out with Davies Clark, winner of the SCG Syracuse Classic this past Sunday, to look at changes in the Standard metagame, and what’s got them excited from Modern Horizons so far.

(00:01:49) What did Davies take to Syracuse? Is the metagame bad for the Nexus of Fate decks? Is there hope for Bant Nexus? Is (Binder) Gruul a contender in this metagame? What matchups did Davies not want to face? Why was Mobilized District an all-star for Davies? And why is Jon playing Mobilized District in his Mono-Red list?
(00:13:57) How is the Command the Dreadhorde deck going for Andy? What has he learned about Assassin’s Trophy?
(00:22:46) Why is getting ahead on tempo so important in this Standard? Is Llanowar Elf secretly the most impressive card in Standard? Why are Lightning Strike and the 3-damage spells so much more important than the 2-damage Shocks? What decks do the guys recommend for Standard this weekend?
(00:29:09) What are the most exciting new cards for Modern from Modern Horizons? Can Scale Up make Infect viable again? How is Force of Negation not Force of Will, and why will that be good for Modern?
(00:44:03) How is Andy going to squeeze in the MTG Arena MCQ this weekend? Even with limited time, why is Andy going to play Command the Dreadhorde over Gruul or Mono-Red? What changes would Davies make to Binder Gruul if he were playing it this weekend?

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