Alexander Hayne Wins GP Calgary

Around 9pm EDT last night, news broke out on Twitter reporting the winner of GP Calgary, our very own Alexander Hayne.

The Face To Face Games twitter account later posted this awesome trophy shot:


Read all about the event on the official WotC coverage site.

Jonathan Medina’s Farewell

Episode #139 is a very special Eh Team episode. It marks Jonathan Medina’s final MTG-related podcast ever as one of the pillars of the community decides to depart from the game of Magic permanently. There is no fluff and no question dodging on this episode. The boys grill him and Medina hides nothing to produce the Eh Team’s most personal episode.

Check out episode #139!

Top 8 Magic on

Top 8 Magic, hosted by Michael J Flores and Brian David-Marshall, is now exclusively hosting their podcast on! One of the oldest and most respected MTG podcasts of all-time now has a Canadian home.

For their latest episode, click here.

You can also subscribe to the Podcast Network now!

Mana Deprived Super Series

The biggest Mana Deprived Super Series tournament ever is taking place on August 17th, 2013. Make plans to be there now!

You can catch all the up to the minute details by checking the event’s Facebook page.

What can you expect at MDSS: Toronto?

– A guaranteed 5K prize pool for the main event, with prizes scaling upwards if attendance rises
– $8 Draft ‘til you drop events, $12 win-a-box tournaments, casual and competitive Commander games
– Written coverage of the main event, including deck techs and top 8 profiles, posted on following the tournament. Our coverage for the day will be done by special Eh-Team guest Scotty Mac!
– Friendly and experienced vendors on-site stocked to the brim with the best in MTG singles and product
– A comfortable play area, a great judge staff, and an incredible MTG experience!