Heavy Meta #15 – 500% Increase is Fair… Right?


Redemption goes up!
In this week’s show, Matty and Kevy talk the ridiculous price increase in redemption on MTGO and the impact it will cause to the game. Also, Matty offers his solutions on how to handle it and wonders how this cost increase is justified. Kevy takes the reins for a bit as he talks about his new RG Haste deck, then the boys end on a cool announcement about tokens.

@theProxyGuy – Official supplier of Heavy Meta Premium Tokens
If you have been wondering how to get your greedy little paws on some of the most amazing tokens ever seen, wonder no more. Heavy Meta is proud to announce that The Proxy Guy is now the official supplier of HeavyMeta tokens. Hit him up on Twitter to get more details!
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Shout Outs:
@PolishTamales – Artist Extraordinaire
@derfington – Master of Twitter Avatars & Comics
@theproxyguy – Official Heavy Meta Premium Token Maker

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