Heavy Meta #26 – Booze Maze Running


The crew talks new MTGO Beta updates, the problems with the trading system, and giving up on V3. The boys then move on to our favourite Dragon’s Maze cards, best financial targets and cube foils. And to wrap it up the guys announce the winner of the You Make the Contest and tell you all what it is the contest will be!

Booze Cube – You make the Heavy Meta Maze Runner!

Congrats to Daniel Slinger, you won the You Make the Contest! Hit us up on Twitter to get your prize as soon as Dragon’s Maze comes out.

So now, the rest of you get to see if you can win this amazing contest. Here is what we want you to do:

  1. Design a Booze Cube Maze Runner creature card
  2. You can pick any person or host that has appeared on Heavy Meta to design the card around.
  3. Tweet the card to one of us with the hashtag #BoozeCubeContest

We will be judging the submissions on humour and playability in the Booze Cube. You can use booze keywords, but they are not mandatory. You can submit as many cards as you like, but only submit one card per character. So no sending us 100 variants of Kevy the Mind Smasher.

You can use these cool online tools to help you!

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