Heavy Meta #30 – Modern Dark Finance

Jason from Brainstorm Brewery drops by the cave to talk finance with the boys. They cover Modern, the new Dark Confidant, the difference between paper and mtgo cards, best buys for Modern, the impact of Scavenging Ooze, and a ton of other financial tips. Matty tells the conclusion of the cube theft story with hilarious results and then shit goes off the rails. Oh, and Kevy almost shot a guy.

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Holy fucking shit. Remind me not to fuck with matty. Dunno if my Italian mafia has anything on the underground Toronto mafia. That story was prolly the funniest I’ve heard on heavymeta yet.

Gpvegas is going to be epic! Sorry we can’t do the buddy vip and vip section. See my tweets for explanation. We’ll make the most of it though:)

Great show boys!

Zac Bange

Matty’s story is one of the funniest I’ve heard on the podcast. It’s good to have scary friends!

Luke Wolkenhauer

Loved the show guys. @Kevy hot me a tweet with the final go on the Vegas boozecube mat, that’s a hell of a trophy! @Matty I imagine Rick being kind of like the FPSDoug of Magic now. A seemingly good guy, but maybe a bit to intense.

Man, Matty’s buddy is deserving of a Booze Cube card all of his own 🙂

Kelvin Mai

Half way into the cast and man all this finance is a lot to take in. Also just listening to you guys I really want to make that seance deck.

An unimpressed listener

I listened to this podcast because Jason was going to be on it and was extremely disappointed. First, the first twenty minutes or so drag on about a meaningless story covering a domestic dispute unrelated in anyway to Magic. Second, the hosts continually interrupted and spoke over their guest who was attempting to give his informed and expert opinion. Third, the interruptions were frequently veering off-topic and baseless. This was my first experience with Heavy Meta’s podcast and my last.

Thanks for listening on my account! I’m sorry you had a bad experience (2:45 is a loooong time to devote to listening to a podcast- thanks for sticking with it) but I felt like this cast’s format was a little different compared with other ways you might see me online (Brainstorm Brewery, Quiet Spec, etc.) I like the occasional chance to just hang out with other magic people and BS a bit and not really follow a bit of an agenda like we do on Brainstorm Brewery. I thank you for continuing to support me and I’m always reachable on e-mail or twitter if you wanted me to clarify anything or just ask me whatever.