Heavy Meta #54 – Where in the World is San Diego?


In this episode Kelly reports in from a bar to give you the scoop on GP Toronto, Ferret and Matty give you the inside word on when MTGO might be patched up, and they talk #20Tixs picks and how prices may have already seen their lowest dip already.

CONTEST: It’s XMAS Bitches!! (again)

So last year we all loved the HM Xmas audio clips you guys sent in and we want to do it again but this time we have prizes! Record us a Merry Christmas clip to enter!

– Best clip gets 60 Tix Credit @MTGOAcademy
– Runner up gets a secret prize!
– Everyone who enters gets something (not sure what)

Once you have your Merry Xmas saying, story, slogan or whatever drunken rants you scream into your mics, hit me up on twitter and I will give you a place to drop that bad boy. Now, normally we are Heavy Meta and things are kinda last minute, but not with this one. We need clips in before Xmas this time!
Ho HO HO Bitches lets make this one a good one!

In Memory of a Brother
I just wanted to take this space to offer my condolences again to my bro Ferret, and say that it’s tough to lose any family member. I know the Heavy Meta SVU is not a replacement, but we are here for you man!
That being said, Ferret has a special art request in memory of his brother Kris, and I would really appreciate it if the HMSVU answered the call. Listen to the show to get the scoop.
If you guys do get us out something cool, I have a special prize for the winner as well.

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