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In this week’s episode Matty and Kevy discuss going from paper to fully online and then back again with redemption as well as Matty’s guest spot on the Eh Team and Kevy’s new gig on Public Enemies. Your mind may be blown as Kevy discovers some great new tech with Chandra the Firebrand that you are going to want to pay attention too. Matty then dives into some financial advice on some long term plays as power 9 hits MTGO and the boys wrap up on viewer questions about triggers.  Do they dumb down the player base online since MTGO handles it for you and what is the future of the game if paper dies?

Financial Tips

MED 4 Duals – If Power 9 drops in early 2013 these lands will skyrocket. I would be watching these closely if you want to get into Vintage or Legacy on MTGO.

RTR Shock lands – With most under 3 and some under 2 tix its the time to stock up. Look for a 1-1.5 year wait to cash out at double what you buy in now for.

#GUILDWARS Holiday games

If you are interested in playing some Guild Wars games during the holiday break on MTGO try to coordinate on Twitter with any of us and we will try and set something up.


If you can’t get enough of Kevy Metal you can catch him weekly as the new co host of Public Enemies on the http://www.mtgcast.com/ network.


Matty will be at GP TORONTO this weekend Sunday December 9th 2012 – talking, chilling and hangout out with the ManaDeprived crew. Come say hi.

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