Heavy Meta #8 – Masters of Subliminal Cheats & Profanity

Heavy Meta Episode #8

Masters of Subliminal Cheats & Profanity

Deep on MTGO Finance, Swearing & Sweaty Hands

In this week’s episode Matty and Kevy bring in the Ferret and go deep into MTGO financial discussions about when to get out of RTR before it rotates, Are M sets the worst to speculate on, How to buy in before the redemption bump and they cover a few top picks to watch out for. Matt and Kevy then talk about the Chapin article on “Words have Power” and take questions from viewers on if making shaking hands with your opponent after a match mandatory is a good idea.

Speculating Fools

We each pick a Block, standard and modern Card that will be UP when Gate Crash Hits Feb 20th 2013. The winner will be determined on % increase.

Matt: Jace AOT (16.6), Talrand (.88), Deathrite Shaman (3.1)

Kevy: Armada Wurm (3.85), Havengul Lich (4.8), Fuck Modern Chandra (4.15)

Ferret: Conterflux (.05), Ajani (7.4), Arid Messa (6.87)

Want to be Derfed?
Announcing the New YOU for a new year Avatar Makeover. HeavyMeta has teamed up with one of the all time great artists known as Derfington to give back to the fans of the show.

Here is how it’s going to work. On Jan 1st 2013 The board members of the HeavyMeta INC will meet in a secret grotto to discuss what fan of the show  has been the most loyal, engaged and most deserving of this great honor. We will then lock Derf in a cell till he completes your avatar commission. We then tag him and release him back into his natural habitat of Canada to frolic in the woods and suck maple syrup from the trees.

What can you do to be granted this great honor? Simple. Comment, interact with us on Twitter and above all SPREAD THE HEAVYMETA word to your friends, co workers and shout it to strangers on the subways.

Spread the Heavy Meta Word!

Shout Outs:

@mtgoFerret – MTGO Financial Guru

@derfington – Master of Twitter Avatars & Comics

@MrVigabool – Standard Metagame Master

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