HeavyMeta #103 – Diddle Yourself to Freedom


Well folks, it was a slow week and you know what that means. The crew talk GP NJ, MTGO redemption (is it worth it?), and then… it’s #TwitterHole time, and boy oh boy, do the rails come off this one.

Proxy Cube!
If you like making Proxies, oh boy have we got a fun project for you! @F2FToronto is building a cube for the store and they need your help! Hit up @Aw3someEveryDay for details!

Heavy Meta Tokens
@TheProxyGuy – Official supplier of Heavy Meta Premium Tokens. If you have been wondering how to get your greedy little paws on some of the most amazing tokens ever seen, wonder no more. The Proxy Guy is now the official supplier of Heavy Meta tokens. Hit him up on Twitter to get more details!

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