HeavyMeta #143 – Beetlemania


The cave crew is knee deep in Zendikar spoilers and Beetles this week as a plague descends upon the ‘crest. While fighting off the other worldly invaders the guys talk spoilers, full art expeditions and why these are not full art and should have been textless, and then trip into a bizarre hole where random people force them to answer strange questions.

Also there was a matter of 2 bets:

TSG VS Gumby – 
Will there be a 1 CMC mana dork reprinted in the next 2 sets?
Bet is – a punch in the face

TSG VS Matty – 
Matty says there will only be 2 Manlands in #BFZ. Tsg says we get 3 Manlands in #BFZ.
Bet is – full set of foil BFZ Manlands

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@MattyStudios – Hates Beetles
@KevyMetall – LOVES to hate Beetles
@TristanGregson – Indifferent to the Beatles, prefers Bro Country
@RagingGumby – Attacked mid-cast by BEETLES!