Sound the trumpets and rally the troops, the help of the community is needed to help get one of our own towards his date with destiny! On Friday, 18 March 2011, the very next day after St. Patrick’s Day, one week from today, the 10k will be held in Toronto, Ontario. Two of the members of the critically-acclaimed Magic: the Gathering podcast, the Eh Team, will be in attendance. The odd Canadian out?

Jay “Boosh” Tuharsky.

After the collapse of the Magic Cruise this year, Jay did the right thing and stood by a promise to his wife to take her on a vacation, but it’s left him fiscally shy of being able to attend. This is an injustice of no small proportion as Jay’s given so much to the Magic community with his writing and podcasting, but fortunately it is one that we all can remedy. Some say that virtue is its own reward. They’re right, of course, but it’s even nicer when there are “extras.” Here’s the deal:

Help us get Jay to Toronto!

For those unfamiliar with Canadian geography, it’s much further than he could walk or take his beloved Calgary Transit (@CalgaryTransit) to:

Help get him there by going to and making a contribution. His email address for PayPal is

So what’s in it for me?

Besides knowing that you’ve done a solid deed for a friend in need, you’ve got two rewards coming your way!

1. Ad space on Jay’s commemorative t-shirt he’ll be wearing for the duration of the event. Got a website you’d like to advertise? Podcast? Just a friendly greeting, message, or Shout-out? Every donation gets space on the shirt, with size and placement up to JayBoosh. While we’d love to get this officially done, the lack of time (plus the fact that 100% of the funds raised in this event will be going to Jay’s travel expenses) mean that he’ll do the best he can with what he’s got. It might just be a black Sharpie on white cotton and an ‘artistic rendering,’ but you will be represented!!

Your logo or message here!!

2. For every $5 you donate, you’ll be entered to win in a raffle!

Update: The objective has been reached, but you can still enter the raffle. All excess funds will go to help the current crisis in Japan. Keep it coming!

Here are the available prizes:

– A foil Blightsteel Colossus from @ErtaisLament
– A Sword of Feast and Famine from JayBoosh himself, as a thank you
– A 1 hour training session with Jonathan Medina (@mtgmetagame) via Skype about trading. He will help you develop your trading strategy and work on your binder.
– A draft set on MODO and two custom hand-made life counters from Marshall and Ryan of Limited Resources
– 2 foil judge promos: Thawing Glaciers and Land Tax for your EDH decks from Charlotte Sable
– A $20 gift certificate for CoolStuffInc from Trick Jarrett
– 2 exclusive alternate art Cancels from Dex
– 2 French Renaissance booster packs from Don of Don’s Magic and Sundry
– A foil full art Game Day Black Suns Zenith from @benc86 on Twitter
– An 8.5″ x 11″ ink drawing or a feature appearance in a future Durdling Around comic from David Lee (@derfington)
– A playset of altered Stinkweed Pimps signed by @metaknightmare
– A foil Japanese Kemba, Kha Regent, 4x foil 10th edition Rampant Growth, 4x M11 Japanese Duress, a foil Explore and a foil Crystalline Sliver from @themanascrew
– Special custom life pads from @VRDave of
– A Yo MTG Taps! t-shirt from Joey Pasco and Big Head Joe
– 4 Chinese foil Mindwrack Liege, a Chinese Braid of Fire and a Thrun, the last Troll from @crypplecommand
– The game-worn “jersey” that JayBoosh wears/advertises at the TCG 10k

We know times are tight for everyone right now, but every little bit helps get the Limited Champion of the Casual Flight towards his destiny in Toronto.

With profound gratitude,

The Friends of JayBoosh