I’d definitely say I’m a casual/competitive player, I play about once a week and my format of choice rotates between Modern and Legacy.

I like to play in a higher level events on the weekends when able but I didn’t earn 500 planeswalker points this season. I don’t have a standard deck and would be lost in the metagame. I am more excited for the Nationals then I have been for any other event all year!

Far and away the largest complaint I heard about the 2018 GP’s is that all the side events were only 3 rounds. The advantage of this system was you could seamlessly play multiples events in a row; but the issue is every three rounds you would lose any progress you had made, have the possibility of playing the same opponent multiple time as well as the potential prize payout is significantly less. Three round side events proved to be less of a draw for eternal players not in the main event. If they couldn’t win a trophy or a huge prize it wasn’t worth travelling to the event.

Face to Face listened to our feedback and made big changes for the Canadian Nationals side events. Every day has events that offer unique perks that rewards top players handsomely. The full schedule is HERE and below is my personal plan to Maximize my Modern and Legacy Action.

My Schedule 

On Friday there is a FaceToFaceGames.com Open+ Trial (Modern) at 1 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.. If you can go undefeated for four rounds you earn Open+ entry, a bye for the Face to Face Open+ and 300 prize tickets. This extra incentive will ensure all your opponents will be playing to win. I’ve had a great record with my modern Zoo deck since February and this will be the first time bringing it to an event outside of a local shop. I’m excited to test it with new players and think this will be a great stepping stone for my skills.

If I happen to scrub out of these events I’m not going home early. I’ll be signing up to play 4 rounds of Legacy starting at 7 p.m.. This may prove to be a good warm-up and important for metagame scouting since one of the most important Legacy events in Toronto all year is on Saturday. Ideally I’ll be playing UB re-animator as it feels far and away the most powerful deck I am experienced with but luckily I have the ability to also play Mono Red Prison if there are too many ‘fair’ and ‘delver’ players this weekend.

Saturday at 11am Face to Face is hosting a Legacy Eternal Weekend Trial. This was something I know a lot of eternal players have been asking for and our wish has been granted! If you play Legacy going to the Eternal Weekend November 1st-4th in Pittsburgh is the highest level of competition. You receive a bye by going 4-0 so multiple players should be able to earn a jump start on the Eternal Weekend competition. This event also grants you a Flooded Strand Promo (while supplies last) and 30 prize tix. This is a great incentive to sign up as the Promo for Nationals is stunning. Flooded Strand is a sought after card for any long term player and the alternate art makes it a desired item worth having in any collection.

I expect to have some free time this day, I have some play-set of entomb and a foil Vryn Wingmare for Artist Seb McKinnon to sign. I’ll also be be checking in on the Vintage Eternal Weekend Trial at 4pm. It’s not everyday you have a chance to watch players using the most powerful cards ever made, maybe one of these players will be crowned the eternal champion in the fall.

Sunday at 10am is the big event for anyone who isn’t still competing for a spot on team Canada. The FaceToFaceGames.com Modern Open+. This event is OVERFLOWING with value. Prizing goes down to 32nd place with 1st Place taking home $1,500 FacetoFaceGames.com store credit, a Champion Trophy, an Invite to SCG 2018 Season Two Invitational, $400 Travel Stipend in addition to an exclusive F2F Open Top 8 playmat!

Finally if modern isn’t going well I’ll join the 1pm Legacy Showdown. This event gives out 1K in prizing and feeds into the Face to Face Ultimate showdown with qualifier points for the top 16 players.

I’ll also have one more opportunity to watch the power 9 in action. At 6pm on Sunday, Old School 93-94 players will convene. I think this is a great format with a solid following in Toronto. If I am really lucky I’ll be able to watch a chaos orb activation.

All said and done I expect to collect a mountain of play tickets and am excited to see the redemption booth. F2F always delivers a variety of options. The most basic option being 10 tickets = 1 standard pack. There will also be high end singles, premium products and ultimate guard supplies. I might even pick up some Face to Face gear for myself!

Of course this is just a slice of the different events taking place at the Mero Toronto Convention Centre this weekend. Any limited, standard or Commander/Brawl player will be just as busy as me this weekend. So best of luck and shuffle up; I look forward to playing you.