HypeClub #14 – I Am Not Going Anywhere


The boys talk Amonkhet spoilers and Standard brews; Cat lord is blinkin bonkers right?; Zombie tribal looks legit; UW control possible; card potential in Modern; no more Gatewatch in sets (kinda); aftermath halves don’t really synch up in deck brewing; Worth buying Amonkhet fat pack? (You will get a set of the full arts); Watched SCG Legacy . . is it time to ban Top?; So Gideon ain’t going anywhere for a long time; Character fatigue; Pre Release HYPE; Vegas; and wrap up with what the hell is a desert?

Shout Outs
@killerbee gets a shout out bc we sent his stuff to an alternate dimension. Sorry dude!!! Mats on the way! #stayHype

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Closing Track –  A Horse With No Name – Joman Remix (VJ Blaze Breaking Bad Video Remix)