HypeClub #9 – Snap Keep


This week the crew talk MOCS coverage; Why two pros in the booth is the best viewing experience; impact of MM3; Master sets confirmed to happen again and again, so this is not the last go for mega staples reprints; When to buy singles; What to buy now’ What are we upgrading in our decks from mm3; spoiler seasons and how we can improve it by moving it up closer to release date; B&R potential unbannings; Tips on finding new modern decks and cards interactions; How many decks make a healthy format; What is a Grixis box and why this a great new way to organize deck ideas; Maro acknowledges that full art lands are the most popular mechanic by far of all time; Storyline theories for Amonket.

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Closing Track – Lee Perry and the Upsetters – Scratch the Dub Organizer
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