Toronto local Taimur Rashid is just about to battle in his first ever Pro Tour. ManaDeprived's Keith Capstick sat down with him to get his take on the expirience and what he expects.
Keith spoke with Marc Anderson, Canada's last National Champion, about what it means for Nats to be back and what he expects to see on Oct.14!
The big day is quickly approaching, and Grand Prix Toronto 2017 is just a few short days away. But for some GP-goers, this weekend will feature two premier events wrapped into a mountainous three day long competitive Magic: The...
Twas the night before pre-release, and all through the store, every gamer was gaming and the shop was a-roar! I invited over my friend Rich Hoaen. We sat down and dove into our first Hour of Devastation prerelease pool. Rich...
Toronto local Melissa Grenier has taken down the first place prize at each of our last two Face to Face Games Limited Showdowns—but how is she getting her edge? Grenier most recently triumphed in our Triple Modern Masters Showdown the...
Face to Face Games Ultimate Showdown Champion Andrew Gordon is bringing Grixis Death's Shadow to Vegas!
Kelly Ackerman chats with Jack Cooke, the end boss of Face to Face Games Toronto Dailies.
From Regina to Toronto, Kelly Ackerman interviews Simon Tubello about his journey with Magic.

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