Introducing the New Faces of Face to Face

Rich Hoaen introduces the members of the new Face to Face Games team for the 2017-2018 Pro Tour Team Series!

Eric “EFro” Froehlich

Eric is the captain of the team and has been one of the most fearsome players on the Pro Tour since renewing his dedication to Magic in 2010. He is a member of the Hall of Fame with five Pro Tour top 8s, and a pair of Grand Prix Wins. He has also won two World Series of Poker bracelets, including for a time, being the youngest player to ever win one.

Gabriel “Yellowhat” Nassif

Gab is one of the best and most successful Magic players of all time. On top of his nine Pro Tour top 8s and two wins, he is a member of the Hall of Fame and is considered one of the best deckbuilders of all time. Gab’s dedication to Magic has waned over the past decade, but this year he has been much more focused on Magic and is even streaming quite often here.

David Williams

David is a modern day renaissance man with diverse talents and interests. You may recognize him from such television shows such as the World Series of Poker, in which he has both won a bracelet and finished second in the main event, as well as providing live commentary this year and Masterchef on which he was a finalist. In terms of Magic he has one Pro Tour top 8, along with three Grand Prix wins, with an on and off Pro career reaching back twenty years.

Ben “Big Dog” Rubin

Ben Rubin reached the finals of his first Pro Tour at the tender age of fifteen. Since then he has an additional three Pro Tour top 8s, two Masters Series wins (look it up kids), and two Grand Prix wins. In recent years he has shown his creativity by making the finals of Grand Prix Oakland with a 64 card deck.

Corey Burkhart

Unlike the rest of us Corey is fairly new to the Pro Tour. He has seven Grand Prix Top 8s in the past two years, but may be the current holder of the ever-unwanted title “best player in the world without a Pro Tour top 8”. I don’t expect that to last very long.

Richard Hoaen

I have a single Pro Tour top 8 (as well as 5 top 16s, but that’s neither here nor there) and four Grand Prix wins. I have been a regular attendee of prereleases at Face to Face in Toronto ever since the store opened up in 2014, conveniently about a ten minute walk from where I bought my house that summer.