Introducing the Face to Face Games Toronto Sealed League


Welcome to the Face to Face Games Toronto Sealed League! As five guilds do battle for control of Ravnica, every guild members’ support is needed now more than ever! Build a deck, and join the cause! Over the next ten weeks we will see which guild will reign victorious. Now is the time to join the cause!

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What is Sealed league?

Sealed League is designed to be a fun, casual format that is played regularly over ten weeks. With your guild allegiances, random weekly prizes and players battling for the title of “Guild Parun” we hope to encourage community, sportsmanship and fun above all else. Sealed League is a way for new players to try out playing at the store level and immerse themselves in the community, while experienced players can put down their powerful constructed decks and remind themselves what Magic is really all about. If you’re up for meeting new people, battling for fun and building the most awesome Sealed deck you can imagine, then Sealed League is for you!

This is our first adventure into running Sealed League, so please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think! It will be a growing, adapting, beast (Simic players I’m looking at you). And with the help of the players, we can build a league system that is fun, fair and exciting for as many people as possible.

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What does my deck look like?

Decks start with a Guilds of Ravnica or Ravnica Allegiance Theme booster. These are 35 card booster packs that have cards exclusively from the guild of your choice. Then you get to add another bonus 14 card guild pack we’ve build for you. With those 49 cards and as many basic lands as you need you will build a minimum 60 card deck to do battle with. Every time you lose a match, you will add one normal 15 card booster pack of Ravnica Allegiance or Guilds of Ravnica to your pool and improve your deck! Don’t forget, you can change your deck as much as you want, just only use the cards in your pool, and max four copies of any card.

How do I play?

Once you’ve built your deck, find another Sealed League player and do battle! You can play best-of-one or best-of-three. Whatever you and your opponent agree on. Ask the Face to Face Games staff for a league match slip and battle! Just make sure each player has one bounty token to add at the beginning of the match.

When do I play?

Monday, Thursday and Friday night and Saturday afternoon we play Sealed or Draft at the store, so those would be great days to find Sealed League players at the shop. However, matches can be played anytime the store is open, or down at the Firkin after hours if you want. Make sure you get three matches in every week! Missed matches will count as losses on your record.

What does it cost?

Sealed League starts with a $20 buy-in, half of which goes to buying your Theme Booster. The other half gives you your bonus guild pack and your first three bounty tokens! Every week you should play three ranked matches which means you’ll need to acquire three bounty tokens. These can be won at other events in the store, or purchased from the shop: $10 gets you three.

What do I get?

The first three matches you play in a week are your “ranked matches.” With each of these matches you will spend one bounty token and earn one booster pack! That means over ten weeks you’ll earn 30 booster packs.

When you lose, take your bounty token and redeem it for a new booster pack that you open immediately and add to your Sealed League card pool. You can always change your deck up with any cards in your card pool.

When you win, hand your bounty token in with your match slip and that will go into your total prizes, which will be paid-out when the season is over, or whenever you want to drop from league.

On top of that, each player will get a 400 count cardboard box and spot to keep it, behind the counter at the store. This box is for your whole card pool, bounty tokens, etc. That way, you won’t forget your Sealed League box at home and you’ll always be ready to battle. Life hack: you can store your Draft sleeves in your league box!

When does it start?

Sealed League is running now! We are in week zero so there is still time to get in on the action. Week 1 starts Friday, Feb. 1, 2019 and Week 10 ends Thursday, April 11, 2019. Thursday night (when we play Sealed anyway at the shop) will always be the last day of the Sealed League week, so try and get your games in by then.

What are the prizes?

At the end of the 10 weeks, each player will be awarded one booster pack for each ranked match they played throughout the season. All players with a win percentage above 50 per cent will earn an additional booster pack! Should a player wish to leave the league early, they will receive their winning packs when they drop, but no bonus pack for a good record.

Everyone is representing their guild and at the end of the season, the highest ranked players in each guild will win a guild wall ornament showing off their colours! The two top players in each guild will earn a free prerelease event for War of the Spark in April! Those people will be their guild reps at prerelease.

First place overall will be awarded the title of Season 1 League champion and be awarded the Season 1 trophy!

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Guild of the week

Each Friday, a “Guild of the Week” will be recognized. Each member of that guild will have one bounty token added to their league box! If your box is not in the shop on Friday, you will miss out, so don’t take your box home with you!

Guild of the Week will be chosen on a variety of criteria. Maybe one week, it will recognize the guild with the best win percentage. The next week it may recognize the guild with the most members, another week, the least members! Over the ten weeks, each guild will be recognized between one and three times.

League Appreciation day

Season 1 of League will end on Thursday, April 11. Saturday, April 13 we will host league appreciation day! On this day, we will announce the league winner and award the plaques to the guild champions. We encourage people to hang out and play a few more games to send their league decks off in style! We may even play Draft or Sealed to celebrate! After all, everyone will have just earned a bunch of prize packs. Join in the celebration and merriment in the afternoon from 2 p.m. onward!

Space is limited for so make sure you sign up soon!