Face to Face Games Toronto hosted the Regional Pro Tour Qualifier for Pro Tour Dominaria on Saturday. Find out who qualified!
Face to Face Games Toronto hosted a Last Chance Qualifier for next weekend's RPTQ this past Saturday. See who traversed the waters of Rivals of Ixalan Sealed to come out with the invite!
Derek made the Top 8 of Sunday's Magic Online PTQ. Check out the Top 8 Draft and all of his rounds here in his latest video !
Get caught up with all the action from our release weekend Rivals of Ixalan Sealed Showdown !
There's a new set about to come out and you have to get caught up on what to play. Check out the Top 8 from our Sealed Rivals of Ixalan Pre-Release !
Travis "Semulin" Sowers jams some Ixalan Sealed for us!

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