Jon Stern, a two-time Grand Prix Champion, took down the first Mythic Championship Qualifier at MagicFest Toronto. According to the players in the room, there was a lot of Izzet Phoenix and Burn in the room. The top 8, however, ended up being a diverse field with Jon needing to best out Ad Nauseam, Izzet Phoenix and Hardened Scales Affinity to clinch a spot at the next Mythic Championship.

1. Nicholas Meade – Burn
2. Chris Flink – Ad Nauseam
3. Andy Robdrup – Izzet Phoenix
4. Chatel Cedric – Izzet Phoenix
5. Hugo Demers – Counters Company
6. Andrew Oshea – Jeskai Control
7. Jon Stern – Mono-Green Tron
8. Steven McGrath – Hardened Scaled Affinity