LCQ Recap: Rivals of Ixalan Limited


Rivals of Ixalan has been out for a while now, and we’ve all heard our fair share of Tetzimoc and Profane Procession horror stories. But, on Saturday a bunch of RPTQ hopefuls braved the waters of RIX Sealed at Face to Face Games Toronto at our Last Chance Qualifier for the Pro Tour Dominaria RPTQ.

Only one would go home with a shot at the PT.

Our Sealed LCQ Top 8. The winner, Sam Tyler, is the furthest to the right.

Sam Tyler was able to take down the event with his sweet 4C colour deck that was filled with removal spells.

Sam beat Nick Roberts, one of the nicest people in Toronto Magic, with an even nicer B/W Vampires deck in the finals to take down the win.

This Limited format is still actually a little more of a question mark than it’s predecessor. The tribal decks still exist, but so do these sweet 4C decks like the one Sam piloted to his victory. You can really be both aggressive or defensive and both options are fine, which is the mark of a healthy format. There are certainly some unbeatable bombs, but every format needs a boogeyman.

Speaking of boogeymen, I’d like to take this time to reinforce the fact that Tyler Nightingale is in fact the luckiest man alive, and opened Tetzimoc, Primal Death in his Top 8 draft. Some people have all the luck.

The rest of the Top 8 is a smattering of tribal shells and another deck like Sam’s. Nothing too surprising, nobody broke it wide open, but just what you’d expect deep in a format.

With his win on Sunday Sam qualified himself for the Regional Pro Tour Qualifier for Pro Tour Dominaria at Face to Face Games Toronto this Saturday where there will be some PT invites awarded! If you’re in town for the event and are looking to hangout and battle Sunday, join us for our 1k Pauper Showdown.

First Place, Sam Tyler- 4C Good Stuff

Second Place, Nick Roberts- B/W

Third Place, Tyler Nightingale- Mardu

Fourth Place, Sungho Lee- G/W

Fifth Place, Eric Tuomi- Sultai

Sixth Place, Roland Kiss- Esper

Seventh Place, Jeffery Fernandes- 4C Merfolk

Eighth Place, Adam Hoffman- R/W