From Legacy Weekend To The Pro Tour Prep


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KYT, Doug, and Robert are joined by special guest Matthew Dilks, winner of the Legacy showdown at Canadian Nationals and Eternal Weeked Legacy top 40 finisher, to compare Legacy and Modern, and how to prepare for the Pro Tour.

  • (00:02:44) Getting in the mind of a Legacy player. How prestigious is Eternal Weekend? Has there been much change in the Legacy metagame recently? Do you have to play a Force of Will deck to win in Legacy?
  • (00:09:31) To concede or not concede? How do you handle it when money is left on the table as a result of a draw?
  • (00:16:17) Tribal Humans won the SCG Modern Open in Cincinnati. Is this deck too good, or too fair?
  • (00:26:14) More Modern: Will there really be a Modern unbanning? UG Merfolk has KYT’s eye.
  • (00:32:54) Many people banned several years ago are eligble to play again this fall. Is that a bad thing?
  • (00:36:45) How are Doug and Team First Strike preparing for Pro Tour Ixalan, and has he locked into his deck? What would Rob play in Standard?
  • (00:50:05) What Ixalan Draft strategies and archetypes are Doug looking for at the Pro Tour?
  • (01:01:55) Face to Face Games has announced their new team, with lots of fresh new faces!

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