Mana Deprived Fundraiser – Hoodies & Goodies

Mana D would love your help. Despite having the backing of (who have been MORE than generous with their sponsorship), we are in need of more resources to put certain projects we have in mind into action. Many followers of Mana D have said that they would contribute to a fundraiser if I started one, so here we are today.

We have been pushing the envelope when it comes to podcasts (the Eh Team, Crazy Talk, Men From Modo, and PTI have each been very well-received) and comics (Durdling Around is the top dog of the MTG comic world). We do see some new ideas in other domains, such as exploring different types of Magic videos, that we would love to bring to you.

The money will primarily be used to help us acquire software (e.g., screen capturing software) and equipment to provide you with unique MTG content. You will be enabling us to make more content for you to enjoy.

If you have enjoyed any of our content over the last 2 and a half years, any small contribution will certainly go a long way.


If you donate $5 or more:

You will get a chance (1 raffle ticket per every $5 donated) to win the following:

Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed (Judge Foil) – courtesy of Charlotte Sable
Sword of Fire and Ice (Judge Foil) – courtesy of Charlotte Sable
Doubling Season (Judge Foil) – courtesy of Charlotte Sable
4x Lightning Bolts from Alpha – courtesy of Nicholas LeBlanc

Last but not least, a custom personalized playmat – courtesy of David Lee

David Lee Platmat

If you donate $10 or more:

You get a chance at all of the above in addition to a shot at the following:

From the Vault: Realms Box Set – courtesy of Sean Peconi

If you donate $50 or more:

You will receive the official Mana Deprived hoodie. Because of the high cost to get these made and the small demand, this is very likely the only time you will be able to get one. There will not be any hoodies available outside of this fundraiser in the near future.

The largest size offered is XXXL (3XL). They are a standard fit (not a “slim fit”). No shrinking! They are preshrunk 50% cotton, 50% polyester.

If you live in North America, there’s no need to pay for shipping. Overseas donors, however, will need to add an extra $7 for international shipping. Please remember to include the size that you would like!

You also have to let us know if you would like to have a Canadian flag on the hoodie, though this option is only going to be realized if we receive $2500 in donations.

If you donate $60 or more:

On top of the hoodie, you gain the option of having it personalized with your name on the back.


The deadline for the donations is October 15th. Don’t worry, I know there are some of you who really want a hoodie in time for the team event in San Jose or for the Pro Tour in Seattle. I am just giving the final possible date that these will be pre-ordered.

How to Donate

If the following options are not available to you, please send us an e-mail to contact [at] manadeprived [dot] com.


Interac E-Transfer

Send your Interac e-transfer to kyt [at] manadeprived [dot] com. For more information on how you can pay with Interac e-transfer, click here!

Closing Words

Again, thank you so much for the support! We will be constantly updating the top 3 donators and the total number of donations below!

Top 3 Donators & Total Donation Count

1. Matthew Beverly – $250
2. Lis Cransdale – $200
3. Jared Gushattey – $125

Donations: $1746 (as of 09/20 12:35 am EST)

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