MCQ Recap: Standard in Toronto


Andrew Gordon is the first ever Toronto Mythic Championship Qualifier champion!

The Toronto MCQ champ, Andrew Gordon.

Gordon piloted the same deck that dominated the Top 8 of our Montreal MCQ — Mono-Red Aggro — to the winner’s circle on Saturday. He’s a long time Toronto player who has made some significant strides towards becoming a better player over the past year and it truly paid off on Saturday, booking his ticket to Mythic Championship Barcelona.

Red of course has been a lethal force in this Standard metagame since the get-go, using Experimental Frenzy as an unbelievable card advantage engine to go with its natural lightning fast aggression. In recent weeks the metagame has adjusted to Red in a big way however, Esper has been packing a full clip of Basilica Bell-Haunts and the Gruul Aggro deck has risen to prominence to try and prey on the straight Red decks. That said, Gordon proved Saturday that Red can beat it all.

Your Toronto MCQ Top 8.

Gordon prevailed over Greg Moskal and his Gruul Aggro deck in the finals. In addition to Greg there were two other copies of Gruul in the Top 8. Presumably Greg’s relative Erik Moskal also made the elimination rounds with Gruul and so did Pierre-Pascal Lamarche. Joining this swath of aggro players was old school Toronto grinder Kyle Duncan on Bant Ramp, Jamie Naylor playing a sweet Boros Feather deck and Carson Peters going deep with his Five-Colour Dreadhorde deck.

In addition to all the action in the main event, we had players on-site all day celebrating the release of Modern Horizons with us buying cards at the Face to Face Games booth and drafting nonstop from the beginning of the day until we closed up shop.

Congratulations again to our champion Andrew Gordon from everyone at Face to Face Games! Additionally, we’d like to extend our thanks to our amazing judge staff who ran a smooth event all day long. The next major event for us is coming up this Saturday when we’ll be traveling to Hamilton, Ontario for a Modern Open. Make sure to pre-register and we’ll see you there!