The Mana Deprived Super Series visited Toronto this past Saturday, July 25th, with a 5K Modern constructed event. The event had a 148 player turnout but what made this an exciting day was the diversity.

A Look at the Field

If the goal is to create a format that is diverse then this tournament is certainly proof of that. The field had everything from G/B/x, Twin, and Amulet Bloom decks to Mono Blue Turns, Green Machine, and Skred Red. No one archetype ate up more than 14% of the field. The most played deck type was U/R/x Twin at 13.6% of the field. G/B/x decks were the second highest in terms of popularity at 13.2%. There were fifty-three different decks at this event, many of them being played by two or fewer people. Only one player, David Goldfarb, decided to play Mono-Blue Turns and given that he won the tournament it is safe to say that a rogue deck can still get the job done.

While I am not sure if this means that modern is in a good place at the moment, I would argue that it is certainly in a place that rewards solid deck design and tight plays. If you are about to jump into a big event and want to do well pick a deck that you know inside and out. Preferably one that can close out a game quickly as combo appears to be king given the top 8 results. The top 8 was all over the place in terms of decks but it would appear to heavily favor combo decks.

The Top 8

When the dust settled after 8 rounds of swiss we were left with a few interesting decks. The first was David’s Mono Blue Turns. Felix Tse piloted a R/G Scapeshift list to second place. Scott Jones proved once again that Amulet Bloom is a deck to be feared with his 3rd place finish. William Yu’s 4th place finish showed the power of Living End. Matthew Loong managed to get to 5th place this time with his Junk/Abzan list. Big mana strategies served Ryan Ascott well as he earned 6th place. Sammy T reminded us all that Delver of Secrets and a certain zombie fish are forces to be reckoned with as he and his Grixis Delver deck placed 7th. Erik Vanderbeek wrapped up the day nicely at 8th with his Tarmo Twin deck.

Twin had the highest number of players but at the end of the day it was the rogue decks that did the best. Both Felix and David had unique deck choices for the day and it served them well. As our soon to be uploaded deck techs will show there were more than a few interesting brews in the room.

Mono Blue Turns – David Goldfarb (1st)

RG Scapeshift – Felix Tse (2nd)

Amulet Bloom – Scott Jones (3rd)

Living End – William Yu (4th)

Junk – Matthew Loong (5th)

GR Tron – Ryan Ascott (6th)

Grixis Delver – Samuel Tharmaratnam (7th)

Tarmo Twin – Eric Vanderbeek (8th)