After winning SCG Vegas, Jonathan Zhang breaks down the current state of Modern and offers his recommendations for the upcoming GPs & RPTQS!
Face to Face Games hosted a Modern Open and a Modern Sunday Showdown this past weekend. Jump in and get caught up on what was a huge weekend for Magic's most popular format!
The Face to Face Games Open Series returned to Toronto this past weekend for a 5k Open+. Jump on in and see who was able to bring home the trophy!
Daniel Fournier went out of his comfort zone to pilot KCI combo at Grand Prix Detroit. Check out how he did and what he thinks of this potentially broken Modern deck!
Keith Capstick recently won our Face to Face Games Open stop in Toronto at the CNE. He takes a look into Modern's top archetype and how you can tune you Humans deck to tackle any metagame!
The Face to Face Games Open series held its latest event this past Saturday at the Canadian National Exhibition. Jump in and check out which Modern deck took home the trophy!
Richard Welch is back with some thoughts on Modern. This time he's got some awesome advice on how to metagame and sideboard in Modern. You're going to want to read this before your next Modern PPTQ!
Daniel Fournier is back and he's doing his favourite thing -- talking about Celestial Colonnade. Jump on in and check out what Dan has to say about Jeksai in Modern right now.
While some players were battling on Day 2 of Canadian Nationals more than 200 others were battling in our sold out Face to Face Games Modern Open+! Check out all the action.
Has Daniel Fournier lost it? Does he really think this Jeskai Control deck can beat Tron? Jump in and find out why.

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