Markus Thibeau (Oderus Urungus) reviews games from his PTQ-winning run with Mono Green Tron.
WIth the recent Modern bannings, Mike Pawliuk looks at how we can exploit the holes of Tron.
The POV series makes its Standard format debut as Andy and Alex tackle the Esper Gifts vs. Grixis Energy matchup!
This past weekend the FacetoFaceGames.com Open Series traveled to Toronto for Team Trios Open. Check out all the action!
Richard Welch analyzes Ancestral Vision in Modern from a completely unique perspective!
This past weekend Face to Face Games Toronto hosted a Modern 1k Sunday Showdown. Jump in and find out what deck took it down!
Chris Flink tells us, in humorous storyteller fashion, his GP Detroit experience.
Alexander Hayne was close to repeating as GP Vancouver Champion. Read up on his tournament, his Amulet Bloom deck, and how he feels about the Modern format.
Tyler Milmine wins the Face to Face Games Toronto Open with Elves!
After this past Sunday at Face to Face Games Toronto, Drake isn't the only Torontonian that can brag about going back to back. The most dominant team in Showdown series history,  Simon Tubello, Jeff Swaluk and Andrew Gordon claimed...

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