Sunday, November 18, 2018
After half-a-year of Sunday Showdown tournaments the Ultimate Showdown has come and gone. Find out who made the Top 8 and what they played, including an interview with the winner !
André Mateus is excited to present to you his latest Modern brew, powered by Lotleth Troll.
This past weekend we hosted a Modern 1k Showdown at Face to Face Games Toronto. Did the Humans menace prevail? Or did a new deck step into the winner's circle? Come find out!
What's the best home for Jace? Elliot Fortier thinks it might be RUG Scapeshift after a top 16 finish at the Toronto Open+.
Alex Bianchi's report on how he broke through and won Grand Prix Pittsburgh with the help of Jeskai Twin!
Despite the banning of Splinter Twin keeping him up every night in a cold sweat, Daniel Fournier is still trying
KYT presents the exclusive Dragons of Tarkir preview card for Myth Realized!
Daniel Fournier covered the Toronto WMCQ top 8! Read how it all played out!
Jeremy Brain keeps working in his lab and updates two of his favorite Modern decks!
Noah sent us an Extended/Modern article. Unfortunately, a lot of it no longer applies after the big announcement, but we would like to present the decklists that he wanted to share.