Eli Kassis won yet another Grand Prix this past weekend in Oakland. This time in Modern with Izzet Phoenix. He breaks down his latest victory for you!
Face to Face Games hosted a Modern Classic event in North Bat, Ont. this past weekend. Jump in and checkout what the metagame up north looks like!
Andrew Gordon was once feared all over the Toronto area for being the undisputed king of Tron in Modern. Now, he's looking back on his time playing the deck to teach you how to mulligan.
Daniel Goetschel has been tearing it up at Face to Face Games Toronto and on Magic Online with Blue Moon since Jace was unbanned. He's got everything you need to know about the deck!
Jonathan Rosum finished in the Top 16 at Grand Prix Toronto with Jeskai Control, now he's made the transition to Jund. Find out why!
Jonathan Rosum is back to testing Modern for the StarCityGames Open this weekend. He thinks 5C Humans is great and has all you need to know about sequencing your plays properly with the deck!
Last year's Canadian National Champion Kale Thompson has some words for you about playing and building Jund in Modern. The champ is here, you best listen!
There's been a lot of talk lately about all of the dominant decks that have been reigning of Standard. Keith weighs in with his take.
This past weekend we hosted a Modern 1k Showdown at Face to Face Games Toronto. Did the Humans menace prevail? Or did a new deck step into the winner's circle? Come find out!
What's the best home for Jace? Elliot Fortier thinks it might be RUG Scapeshift after a top 16 finish at the FaceToFaceGames.com Toronto Open+.

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