Saturday, July 21, 2018
Francis Toussaint is taking a trip to Spain, all he had to do was figure out his layover in Jund.
André Mateus shows us his latest Modern masterpiece. He calls it BantVine.
Experience a PTQ road trip first hand from the eyes of Alex Hayne.
Travis Hall gives his own spin on Life of the Loam in Modern.
Alex is rolling in loot and wants to share. Come see his spin on Faithless Looting!
Johnathan Bentley is constantly brewing in all formats. Check out one of his latest Modern creations!
JSP looks over a few Modern ideas as he prepares to sling some spells this weekend at CMT Montreal.
Nicholas Burdet comments on the recent bannings in the Modern format and discusses viable Modern deck choices.

Modern Art

Marc Anderson walks us through the bulk of the Modern metagame while discussing his reasons for choosing a deck to bring to a tournament.
Mark Sun gives us his quick thoughts on the new card bans. What is your next financially beneficial move? Find out!