Want to know exactly how the London Mulligan will impact Modern? Team Face to Face Games' Morgan McLaughlin went deep on the math to answer all your questions.
This past weekend the FacetoFaceGames.com Open Series travelled to Kelowna, B.C. for a Modern Open. Check out all the action!
Jesse Smith (Smi77y) brings us a deck tech on the Simic list he's been climbing the MTGA ladder with. Hall of Famer Martin Juza used the same list to get to Mythic.
After an 18th place finish at MagicFest Calgary, Sean Hetherington shares an in-depth Martyr Proclamation deck guide.
KYT discusses the Bogles archetype with Sergio Ferry who finished 33rd at MagicFest Calgary.
This weekend's Toronto Showdown was Modern. Check out if Izzet Phoenix took down yet another event!
KYT chats with Tobias Roos who finished 12-1-2 with Dredge at the end of Swiss.
KYT chats with eventual Champion Attila Fur about his Jund Breach deck right before the Top 8.
This week Face to Face Games Toronto hosted a Modern 1k Sunday Showdown. Check out who was able to take it down!
The FacetoFaceGames.com Open Series traveled to Barrie, ON this past weekend for a Modern Open. Check out who was able to come out on top!

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