Has Daniel Fournier lost it? Does he really think this Jeskai Control deck can beat Tron? Jump in and find out why.
Check out the Top 4 decklists and get caught up with all the action from our Team Trios Showdown!
Nelson Guilbert tries to harness the power of Jace, the Mind Sculptor in a UW miracle shell. Check out his sweet Modern list!
Our first Open+ of 2018 took place this past Saturday. 188 players showed up to battle in the revamped Modern format. Find out just how good Bloodbraid Elf and Jace, the Mind Sculptor were!
See Jace, the Mind Sculptor in action as part of the Modern RUG Scapeshift deck!
Thien Nguyen gives us a massive primer on his Titan Shift deck!
Face to Face Games Toronto hosted another Modern Showdown this past Sunday. Check out this Jund-filled Top 8 and see who took down the event!
Sebastien Alarie returns from his writing hiatus to theorize what he thinks a post-Jace Modern format will look like.
Chris Flink puts together a comprehensive guide on Ad Nauseam!
Mike Penner offers a comprehensive 8-Rack sideboarding guide after his 11th place finish at GP Vancouver.

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