After another top 4 finish, KYT details his experience with the Slippery Bogle. Do you want to join #TeamBogle?
Nina wasn't happy with how Jund was looking post-ban, so she put on put away her cards and planned a picnic to the Zoo.

Bogle Bogle!

KYT shares his love for the Bogle deck in Modern. Easy to play and powerful. Bogle at your next PTQ!
What will Modern look like after the banhammer? Jay Lansdaal has some thoughts....
Nina Illingworth examines the suggested replacements for Bloodbraid Elf in Jund.
Jay Lansdaal brings you the play by play of the Modern Matchup : Jund vs UWR.
Need a deck for the Modern season? Jon Stern breaks down Jund like nobody else.

Modern Art

To follow up his popular Modern Introductions article, Lansdaal examines the workings of 4 decks you might want to consider for the upcoming PTQ season.
Going to GP Toronto, or simply just getting into Modern? Lansdaal brings you an introduction to the most played decks.
Alexander Hayne has managed to win back-to-back team tournaments in Montreal. This time, paired up with 2006 National Champion Daniel Lanthier and perennial not-quite-queued-for-the-pro-tour Pascal Maynard, Manadeprived was represented in full regalia to the finals of a challenging format. 4...

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