Andrew Huska goes over the important decks of Modern and shows us the #TeamGeist deck that he will be playing with in the next week.
With the help of Larry Swasey, Scott MacCallum gives us a Modern matchup analysis on Abzan Pod versus Scapeshift Combo.
Check out which decks ScottyMac is excited about and what he is piloting in Standard right now!
Scotty Mac has been playing a lot of Jeskai in Modern. He brought that experience over to Standard. Check out his recent thoughts on Jeskai in both formats!
KYT talks about covering the MDSS Toronto 2014 event and has a conversation with Noah Long to figure out the best Ascendancy Combo list in Modern.
Alex Bianchi has had consistent results with UR Delver at high-level tournaments this past Modern season and shares his latest list.
John Wasson has experienced great success with his UWR Geist Twin deck that he has been tweaking for two years. He pours out his thoughts on his list here!
Pod variants have been finding a lot of success in this Modern PTQ season. Jay Lansdaal tries his hand at building his own: Bant Angel Pod.
Alex Bianchi presents his competitive decks choices including what he secretly considers the best deck in Standard: GW "Little Kid" Aggro.
After having officially moved to America, Jay Lansdaal provides competitive and fun decklists for both Standard and Modern.

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