Jay Lansdall and Travis Hall have a passionate debate over banning fetchlands in Modern.
When Bloodbraid Elf was banned from Modern, many people said that Jund would disappear from the format. This couldn't be further from the truth. Jund has continued to be a powerful deck in Modern and it does this through...
Jay Lansdaal continues is Modern testing and gives us his second installment of Modern Time. This time, he goes over the green decks of the format.
With Grand Prix Detroit on the horizon, Jay Lansdaal presents the URx decks he has been testing for the Modern format.
Always the brewer, Travis Hall presents 5 decks for Standard and Modern that he has built using some of the new tools from M14.
Looking for something to try out in Modern? Jackson Haime has you covered with Bloodrush Infect.
The blue envelope eluded KYT's grasp once again, but he plans to keep improving. It's a process.
In 1929, René Magritte painted this picture. Magritte was a surrealist who used paintings to challenge people's views about the world, and their own perception.Is it a pipe though?"The famous pipe. How people reproached me for it! And...
After another top 4 finish, KYT details his experience with the Slippery Bogle. Do you want to join #TeamBogle?
Nina wasn't happy with how Jund was looking post-ban, so she put on put away her cards and planned a picnic to the Zoo.

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