Francis Toussaint is taking a trip to Spain, all he had to do was figure out his layover in Jund.
Andrew Huska goes over the important decks of Modern and shows us the #TeamGeist deck that he will be playing with in the next week.
Our National Champion, Marc Anderson, put up quite a result at Worlds, finishing 12th. Find out how his journey began!
Daniel Fournier covered the Toronto WMCQ top 8! Read how it all played out!
Eli Kassis brings you inside Team Face to Face Games' testing process as they attempt to break Modern in half for MC London!
Travis Hall gives us his brews for Standard and Modern using Retreat to Coralhelm.
Noah Long is heading to Barcelona. Learn how he put it all together!
Noah sent us an Extended/Modern article. Unfortunately, a lot of it no longer applies after the big announcement, but we would like to present the decklists that he wanted to share.
Alex Bianchi has had consistent results with UR Delver at high-level tournaments this past Modern season and shares his latest list.
Want to know what the early MetaGame for Modern looks like on MTGO? Find out with Noah Long's latest...

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