Sunday, September 22, 2019
John Wasson has experienced great success with his UWR Geist Twin deck that he has been tweaking for two years. He pours out his thoughts on his list here!
Pod variants have been finding a lot of success in this Modern PTQ season. Jay Lansdaal tries his hand at building his own: Bant Angel Pod.
Alex Bianchi presents his competitive decks choices including what he secretly considers the best deck in Standard: GW "Little Kid" Aggro.

What to Play

After having officially moved to America, Jay Lansdaal provides competitive and fun decklists for both Standard and Modern.
With Grand Prix Minneapolis and the Modern PTQ season upon us, Daniel Fournier explores the concept of mashing Gifts Ungiven with Splinter Twin.
Grand Prix Richmond Champion Brian Liu gives you his tournament report and tells you why you should consider joining the Kiki-Pod team!
Chris Lansdell has a list of cards that just aren’t seeing any play in Modern right now but they can be the center of your next format-breaking brew!
Jay Lansdaal presents new decklists for the new Modern format!
Jay Lansdaal split in the top 4 of the Magic AD Invitational playing BG Midrange in Standard and Cruel Control in Modern.
Jay Lansdaal had his eyes on the prize at Grand Prix Antwerp. Check out his report and what he feels is one of the best Standard decks right now.

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