Johnathan Bentley is constantly brewing in all formats. Check out one of his latest Modern creations!
JSP looks over a few Modern ideas as he prepares to sling some spells this weekend at CMT Montreal.
Nicholas Burdet comments on the recent bannings in the Modern format and discusses viable Modern deck choices.
Marc Anderson walks us through the bulk of the Modern metagame while discussing his reasons for choosing a deck to bring to a tournament.
Mark Sun gives us his quick thoughts on the new card bans. What is your next financially beneficial move? Find out!
Welcome back!  When we left off last week I was 4-2, and Team Canada had won both of our team rounds.  Coming back for day 2, I was hoping to go at least 4-2 in draft, with 5-1 not...
Our National Champion, Marc Anderson, put up quite a result at Worlds, finishing 12th. Find out how his journey began!
With the Modern PTQ season just around the corner, Francis Toussaint gets a jump on the newly altered format with a pretty sweet looking Urzatron deck.
Mark shares his thoughts on the recent bannings in both Modern and Legacy, while previewing what he believes will once again be viable decks.
Mark Sun joins the CT crew as they talk about GP Montreal and the impact the banning of Mental Misstep has on the Legacy format. Rumor has it that we are nearing the end of Crazy Talk... Could it be?

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