MTGin3D #012 – The CubeVitational


Liam and Pedro are joined by the man behind the CubeVitational, Thomas Krone! Learn all about this year-long, 16-player Cube tournament as we discuss topics like Cube FNMs, de-pimping a Cube, themed Cubes, the Amsterdam Cube community, and more!

“Gleaming the Cube” (The Magic Show #61):
Glenn Jones’s 1-drop Cube:
Eric Klug’s Zombie Cube:
The Desert Cube:
Nathan’s Myr Servitor Cube:

Thomas’s 1-Drop Cube pack:
Herald of AnafenzaGrim LavamancerSavage LandsTemple of MaliceStromkirk NobleEnclave CryptologistViridian LongbowReanimateTattermunge Maniac

The CubeVitational website:
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Thomas’s Twitter: @thomkrone
Thomas’s Cube:
Thomas’s 1-Drop Cube:

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Intro: “Something Elated” by Broke for Free Available at
Outro: “Drops of H2O (The Filtered Water Treatment)” by J.Lang
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