MTGin3D #018 – Forging the Cube


Sometimes, we have to know where we came from to know why we are where we are and to know where we’re going – to that end, we invited Anthony Avitollo (aka Antknee42, “Protector and Champion of Upheaval”) to talk about the past, present and future of Cube as a format. In what is probably a very clear PG-13 episode, we talked about everything from the origins of Cube, how and why “pimping” began, the ‘new player’ feeling and how that relates to Cube, why context means a lot when it comes to Cube, linguistics, banned cards, Cleric tribal, the different layers of power level, ecosystems, the “thrills” of life, Magic simulators, the social contract in Commander and how that relates to Cube and “double-sleeving” (as well as throwing some friendly jabs at Usman Jamil and the MTGO Cube). We had a great time recording this, and we hope you also enjoy it!

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