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KYT, Andy, and Elliot get hyped for the Mythic Championship III this weekend by looking at the decklists published and picking their top 6 players, then start to take a cautious look at what Modern Horizons has been doing to Modern.

(00:02:02) Why did Andy pick the wrong deck for his MCQ? What would his Bant Nexus list look like going forward? Growth Spiral vs Incubation Druid? KYT also had an MCQ not worth bragging about with Gruul Midrange.
(00:12:19) Looking at the Mythic Championship III decklists, what can be said about the evolution of Esper? What is the format for this tournament?
(00:18:41) MCIII top 6 player picks: Is Brad Nelson the best Standard player on the planet?
– 3 MPL (max 1 Challenger) / 3 Challengers
@elliot_fortier: Nelson/Manfield/Jensen/Strasky/Handy/LSV
@AndyAWKWARD: Nelson/Manfield/Carvalho/Strasky/Yamamoto/LSV
@KYTmagic: Nelson/Hayne/Yasooka/Strasky/Hull/Levy
(00:45:06) No one selected a player on Izzet Phoenix. So how do they think the deck will do?
(00:48:07) Is the Hogaak deck in Modern as busted as it seems? Could it get banned as early as July 8? Is the Neoform combo deck as broken? How does the improved Devoted Druid combo deck do in this metagame? Will the next Modern MC usher in another Eldrazi Winter?
(01:00:26) After reviewing Kibler’s perspective on the MPL, what can be done to make the audience care more about MPL players or matches?

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