Jonathan Rosum is one of the SCG Tour's most renowned control players. He's here to tell you exactly how to build and sideboard with Esper in Standard.
This past weekend Face to Face Games hosted a Standard Mythic Championship Qualifier in Montreal. See who locked their slot for the next MC!
This past weekend the FacetoFaceGames.com Open series traveled to London, Ontario for a Modern Open. Check out all the action!
This weekend, KYT is teaming up with Milo to provide exclusive MagicFest Toronto 2019 coverage. Look forward to event updates, player interviews and so much more!Bookmark this page: http://magic.facetofacegames.com/magicfest-toronto-2019-coverage
Esper Control is great again and Standard and nobody is more excited than Shaheen Soorani. Jump in and watch him play Esper on MTG Arena!
Face to Face Games hosted a Modern Open and a Modern Sunday Showdown this past weekend. Jump in and get caught up on what was a huge weekend for Magic's most popular format!
The Face to Face Games Open Series returned to Toronto this past weekend for a 5k Open+. Jump on in and see who was able to bring home the trophy!
Wizards of the Coast announced some major changes to global organized play on Thursday. Daniel Fournier reached out to the community to try to distill the reaction to the death of Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers.
With a new Standard format upon us you best believe Daniel Fournier is trying to make Izzet work. Jump in and see what he's brewing up.
This weekend is Guilds of Ravnica Pre-Release and Keith's got everything you need to make sure your prepared!

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