Sunday, November 18, 2018
This week Derek "MisplacedGinger" Pite took a break from his video series to write out his thought on the Standard bannings for you !
Dan Lanthier wins Grand Prix Quebec City with Jeskai Black!
Daniel Fournier is back to talk about his favourite thing — Splinter Twin decks without Twin. You're going to want to check this out !
Check out the Face to Face Games Montreal Modern RPTQ top 8 decklists!
What can you expect from and at Nationals? Click here to find out!
Primo Capriolo-Morris wins MDSS 2015 Montreal II with Abzan Doran!
Mana Deprived would like to congratulate Marc Anderson, Noah Long, Dan Lanthier and Marcel Angelo Zafra on their performance at Canadian Nationals.
John Lee wins the second Face to Face Games IQ of the season with UWR Control.
KYT & Jay Lansdaal present the exclusive Eldritch Moon preview card for Grim Flayer!
Dean McLaren wins the second biggest FaceToFaceGames Open ever with Infect! Peter Schreier provides a metagame breakdown!