Grand Prix Toronto Travel Guide 2016! Welcome to Toronto AKA T-Dot, T.O. or even “The Six”! For the second year in a row the GP circuit is coming north of the border.I'm here to tell you about a few things you'll...
You knew Fournier would have something to say about this most recent set of Standard bans. Get all the new decklists and hottest takes right here !
Derek Lansche wins MDSS Toronto with Bant Megamorph!
We hosted another Legacy Showdown at Face to Face Games Toronto on Sunday and a familiar face took it down. Come on in and check out who won!
Check out the top 8 decklists from this past weekend's Standard Sunday Showdown at Face to Face Games Toronto!
Fournier has just returned from Grand Prix Santa Clara where he gained some perspective about finding joy in the game we all love. Check out his thoughts in his weekly column.
What is Mana Deprived? The answer to that question lies within.
Premier Play saw a number of changes in 2012, between Planeswalker Points, the changes to the World Championships and addition of the Players Championships, and the increased GP schedule. Moving into 2013, Wizards of the Coast has continued to...
Fournier is here to tell you that Izzet Phoenix is the best deck in Modern. He's got all the sideboarding details you need to win your next tournament!
We handed out a lot of prizes this weekend. Check out the Top 8 from our Modern Open+ on Nationals Sunday !

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