Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Keith Capstick piloted 4C Leovold to a Top 16 finish at Grand Prix Seattle a few weeks back. Find out what his plans are going forward!
This past weekend was pretty awesome for playing or (especially) watching Magic, since all three of the most popular Constructed formats were on display. Some particularly exciting decklists came out of these events too, so let's get right into...
Daniel Fournier gives you all the details on the Mono-Red deck he topped the Pro Tour Standard rankings with at 9-1 !
Hey everyone, Mana Deprived has come a long way from being a mere personal blog. Now, it is a friendly community represented by the best Magic: the Gathering players this country has to offer. Heck, we even got to watch...
Daniel Fournier really wants you to succeed at Nationals this weekend. In his column this week he tells you everything you need to know about mulliganing in Standard !
Face to Face Games hosted a Modern Classic event in North Bat, Ont. this past weekend. Jump in and checkout what the metagame up north looks like!
Peter Sachlas presents the exclusive Shadows over Innistrad preview card for Drownyard Temple!
What's it like to play on the Pro Tour?'s Inside the Deck followed the story of several Pro Tour rookies through their first time at the big show!
On the eve of one of the most anticipated Legacy banned and restricted announcements in a while, we hosted a Legacy Showdown! Come check out just how good Deathrite Shaman and friends were on Sunday.