Barrett Neigel wins MDSS Calgary with Bant Megamorph!
KYT & Jay Lansdaal present the exclusive Eldritch Moon preview card for ManaDeprived.com: Grim Flayer!
The Legacy format has left Daniel Fournier with some concerns about the Modern Horizons.
Fournier has just returned from Grand Prix Santa Clara where he gained some perspective about finding joy in the game we all love. Check out his thoughts in his weekly column.
This past weekend at Face to Face Games Toronto we hosted a 1K Modern Sunday Showdown. Jump in and check out all the action!
Mana Deprived has been gaining significant exposure over the last week. A site that used to get 12 unique visitors a day now attracts approximately 300 of them on a daily basis. Chapin and Flores even referenced us in their latest articles. With all of that said, I am going...
Mana Deprived was launched on May 10th of 2010. KYT looks back at how it has grown over its first year and hopes it will continue to grow into the future.
A new set is upon us and this past weekend Face to Face Games Toronto hosted a Pre-Released Showdown for M19. Check out who took it down!
Graham Hryniuk wins Edmonton Open with Bant Eldrazi!
Daniel Goetschel has been tearing it up at Face to Face Games Toronto and on Magic Online with Blue Moon since Jace was unbanned. He's got everything you need to know about the deck!

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