Nick Green wins the FaceToFaceGames.com St. John's Open with Infect!
Max Michieli wins MDSS Thunder Bay with UW Control!
This past weekend Face to Face Games hosted our first ever Toronto Mythic Championship! Check out all the action.
Daniel Fournier piloted Grixis Death's Shadow to the Top 8 of the Ultimate Showdown. Check out his take on the deck and how he'd make changes going forward.
Are you interested in helping the Mana Deprived Open Series? Right now, we are looking for people to join our official MDOS coverage team.
While some players were battling on Day 2 of Canadian Nationals more than 200 others were battling in our sold out Face to Face Games Modern Open+! Check out all the action.
KYT presents ManaDeprived.com’s exclusive Modern Masters 2017 spoiler: Molten Rain!
This past weekend we hosted a Modern 1k Showdown at Face to Face Games Toronto. Did the Humans menace prevail? Or did a new deck step into the winner's circle? Come find out!
Eli Kassis won yet another Grand Prix this past weekend in Oakland. This time in Modern with Izzet Phoenix. He breaks down his latest victory for you!
Former Pro Tour Top 8 competitor Joseph Derro is back into competitive Magic and is wracking up some MTGO Draft trophies. Jump in a get all his secrets to Rivals of Ixalan Draft !

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