This past weekend Face to Face Games Toronto hosted a 1k Modern Sunday Showdown as part of our weekly series. Check out all the action!
The first stop in F2F Tour history was in Vancouver! Check out what took down our Vancouver Pioneer event!
You don't have to win to have fun!
Theros Beyond Death is here and it's time for GOD TRIBAL!
There's nothing like pre-release. The sound of packs cracking, a brand new D-20, foils being opened and the fresh feeling of a new Limited format to sink your teeth into. This past weekend, as with the release of every new...
Ally is diving head first into all of the Constructed all-stars from Theros Beyond Death. Come check out what you need to pick up for your Standard deck !
Dom Harvey reflects on the year that was the biggest grind of his life.
The return of Theros is finally here! With the set finally out, it seems safe to say that 2020 is off to a good start to avoid repeating 2019, as the set is pretty much devoid from the free mana...
This past weekend we hosted a Pioneer Showdown as part of our weekly 1k Showdown Series. Check out all the action!
Oko and Mox Opal are banned, but according to Eli Kassis, Urza is not dead yet!

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