Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Catch KYT and the rest of the Mana Deprived team during the live stream of the Canadian Magic Tour: Ottawa event!
Many things to cover. Ill-Abilities contest winners. GW Vengevine decklists from Japan. Sponsoring Mana Deprived.
Read on to see how you can become a part of a Magic: the Gathering road trip documentary.
Mana Deprived was launched on May 10th of 2010. KYT looks back at how it has grown over its first year and hopes it will continue to grow into the future.
Peter Sachlas is calling out for help from the MTG community as he tries to raise funds for a worthy cause. Donate and get a chance to win some awesome prizes!
Sound the trumpets and rally the troops, the help of the community is needed to help get one of our own towards his date with destiny!
Introducing the new Mana Deprived...
KYT has an important announcement to make and a logo he needs help in choosing. What's on the horizon for Mana D? Find out inside!
by Kar Yung Tom Inspired by the 2010 Mana Screwed Awards, I wanted to create a few awards (only 2 actually) to highlight some of the Canadian performances that we have witnessed in 2010. There are bound to be omissions, so I apologize in advance if I forgot anyone. Before...
by Kar Yung Tom A message from the owner of Mana Deprived. Hey everyone, No, I am not dead. Just enjoying a short one-week vacation away from home. I am currently at a coffee shop typing this post up. Mana D will return feeding your brain with the very best...