Grand Prix Toronto is in MrScottyMac's backyard, so he plans to make it a special event for all. Come join our party!
Pascal Maynard takes down the TCGplayer Open 5K!
What's it like to play on the Pro Tour? GatheringMagic.com's Inside the Deck followed the story of several Pro Tour rookies through their first time at the big show!
ManaDeprived.com's official tournament series is now known as the Mana Deprived Super Series
CMT Winnipeg took place this weekend and the tournament was defined by one card: Thragtusk. 32 of them in top 8.
This weekend, as a special surprise during the webcast of Pro Tour Seattle, Wizards announced a new and extremely cool set called Modern Masters.
Who is working with Team Mana Deprived for Pro Tour Return to Ravnica? Find out!
Jason Hoyles takes down CMT Halifax with Bant monstrosity!
Are you interested in helping the Mana Deprived Open Series? Right now, we are looking for people to join our official MDOS coverage team.
This is your last chance to your hands on a Mana Deprived hoodie!

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