Open Recap: Modern in Calgary


We’ve entered a new era of the Modern format.

This past weekend the Open Series traveled to Calgary, Alberta and Azorius Control claimed yet another trophy.

This time, it was in the hands of Cory Crowfoot who defeated Daniel Goresht in a grueling mirror match to claim the title.

Your Calgary Open Champion, Cory Crowfoot.

In fact, this epic control mirror took so long to finish that both players, judges and Face to Face staff were booted from the venue before it completed. So naturally we took the players to a nearby food court where Cory was finally able to close it out.

Of course, Cory’s win comes on the heels of last week’s Modern Open in Fredericton, New Brunswick where Keegan Reynolds also took home the trophy with Azorius Control.

Of course, the archetype has been super-charged as of late by the additions of both Teferi, Time Raveler and Narset, Parter of the Veils from War of the Spark that have allowed the deck some consistent early plays to bridge the gap to the late game.

Your Calgary Open Top 8.

Joining Crowfoot and Goresht in the Top 8 was Bryan Heinze and his Infect deck, Scott Herr who played a sweet Jund Scapeshift deck, Cole Clark-Smith on the new Karn-filled Mono-Green Tron deck, Todd Duggan on a Gruul Eldrazi deck, Alex Stevenson on Azorius Spirits and Charlie Clark who made it a full three copies of Azorius Control in Top 8.

So is Azorius Control the best deck in Modern? It’s sure making a strong case. You’ll have to check back here next week and see if it puts up another strong performance at our upcoming Modern Open+ in Montreal.

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In addition to all the action during the main event, we had a ton of players on-site all day long battling in side events and hanging out. We hosted two FREE Standard events during the event which we’ll also be doing in Montreal so make sure to bring your deck!

Before I leave you for the week we at Face to Face Games want to remind you about our upcoming 10k Mythic Championship Qualifier taking place on June 15 in Toronto. We’ll be hosting it at the Montecassino Hotel, and every registrant will get a free Arcbound Ravager promo with entry. Make sure to pre-register and we’ll see you there!

Congratulations again to our champion Cory Crowfoot from everyone at Face to Face Games! Additionally, we’d like to extend our thanks to both our Open Series sponsor — Ultimate Guard — who hooked up everyone in the Top 8 with some awesome swag and to our amazing judge staff! The next stop on the series is coming up this weekend in Montreal where we’ll be hosting a Modern Open+ on Saturday June 1. Make sure to pre-register and we’ll see you there!