Open Recap: Modern in North Bay


After three consecutive weeks of Azorius Control dominating the Open Series, the king has been dethroned at long last. This past Saturday when we traveled to North Bay, Ontario for a Modern Open a trophy was placed in the hands of efficient, powerful and honest creatures once again.

Shawn Seguin took down our event with Humans.

With Modern Horizons just days away from tournament playability and the addition of War of the Spark to the format, Modern may just be more in flux now than at any other time in the last few years. In the past few weeks we’ve watched as Narset, Parter of Veils has made her mark on the format in various controlling decks, but this week was a return to form.

Seguin defeated Jack Robbins in the finals who was also playing the powerful tribal aggro deck. Humans famously over-performed in the last Mythic Championship in London and has returned to form on the Open Series in North Bay. Personally, I love where Modern is at right now. Traditional archetypes like creature-based aggro decks and control decks have gained a lot in recent sets, so we now have this nice cyclical format where the linear decks can be beat — unlike Modern metas of the not too distant past.

Your North Bay Open Top 8.

Th rest of our Top 8 featured Shadow O’Shea piloting a sweet Azorius Flash deck built around Teferi, Time Raveler, Chris Beauchesne on Eldrazi Tron, Lee Heezer on Mono-Blue Tron in an escape from the norm, Liam Broad playing an old favourite in Bant Spirits, James Botham with a spicy Gruul Aggro deck and finally Frank Joanete with old faithful Golgari Midrange.

In addition to all the action in the main event on Saturday, we also had tons going on at the venue for those who didn’t want to battle in Modern. We had 30 drafters on-site playing Modern Horizons to celebrate pre-release weekend, Commander pods and players buying and selling cards from the Face to Face Games booth!

Before I leave you for the week we at Face to Face Games want to remind you about our upcoming 10k Mythic Championship Qualifier taking place THIS Saturday on June 15 in Toronto. We’ll be hosting it at the Montecassino Hotel, and every registrant will get a free Arcbound Ravager promo with entry. Make sure to pre-register and we’ll see you there!

Congratulations again to our champion Shawn Seguin from everyone at Face to Face Games! Additionally, we’d like to extend our thanks to both our Open Series sponsor — Ultimate Guard — who hooked up everyone in the Top 8 with some awesome swag and to our amazing judge staff! The next stop on the series is coming up on June 22 when we travel to Hamilton, Ontario for a Modern Open. Make sure to pre-register and we’ll see you there!