This past weekend was all about the Modern format.

Guilds of Ravnica is out and Standard is booming, but Modern remains the constant puzzle that we’ve come to love it as. Luckily, Face to Face Games hosted a Modern Open this past weekend in Ottawa and we got a fresh look at where the Canadian Modern scene is at.

Samuel Leduc piloted his Hardened Scales deck through a tough Ottawa crowd to take home the trophy.

Our Ottawa Open champ, Samuel Leduc.

Samuel played one of two copies of Hardened Scales in our Top 8. This deck wields the power of both Ancient Stirrings and Mox Opal and functions quite similarly to the traditional Affinity deck we’re used to in Modern.

The major difference with this deck is just its sheer number of high impact cards. The old Affinity decks had a lot of air, but with Hangarback Walker, Stirrings and a pure “I win” card like Hardened Scales there’s a lot to deal with if you want to beat this deck.

Joining Scales in Top 8 are a whole swath of other unique linear archetypes that Modern is known for. We had a copy of Tron, Titan Shift, Merfolk, Grishoalbrand, Hollow One and a controlling version of U/R Breach.

With the addition of Assassin’s Trophy to Modern with Guilds of Ravnica a lot of people were excited to try out midrange decks like Jund again. From my perspective, that could be part of the reason for what we see in this Top 8. Decks like Tron and Titan Shift have always done a good job of preying on those decks, so it might be time for them to shine if people are feeling nostalgic about midrange.

If you pay a lot of attention to Modern, I’d imagine this Top 8 isn’t foreign to you. All of these decks attack on different axis’ and are able to do their thing in a very fast way if left unchecked.

Turns out, in a tournament filled with decks racing each other — Hardened Scales is a pretty good choice.

Congratulations to Samuel on his impressive victory on Saturday. The next stop on the Open Series is on Nov. 10 in Calgary. We’ll be hosting a 5K Modern Open+ there! Make sure to pre-register ahead of time, and it might not be such a bad idea to pick up a few copies of Hardened Scales while you’re at it.

First Place, Samuel Leduc – Hardened Scales

Second Place, Scott Beaudin – Grishoalbrand

Third Place, Mike Brierley – Titan Shift

Fourth Place, Michael Baranov – Hardened Scales

Fifth Place, David Laskar – Tron

Sixth Place, Jacky But – Hollow One

Seventh Place, Kevin Burroughs – Merfolk

Eighth Place, Phillip Blythe – U/R Breach