The Open Series made a stop in London, Ont. over the weekend for some Modern action west of the city. Berent Batur piloted the much maligned W/R Prison deck to the top spot, proving once again that if you try hard enough you can win with anything in this format.

Modern Open winner Berent Batur.

Berent reached out to me on Twitter to emphasize that he’d really like this prison archetype to get more exposure so it certainly sounds like he’s put a lot of work into playing the deck and refining his list. Blood Moon is one of the most game-ending cards in the format right now and Chalice of the Void mops up a lot of the matchups where turning everything into Mountains is sub-par. I will admit that at first glance these decks often looks like a pile, but there is a method to the madness and it worked out for Batur on Saturday.

The remainder of the Top 8 is just about everything as well as the kitchen sink—also some Kitchen Finks. U/R Storm had two copies in the Top 8 and Ad Nauseum also showed up, proving just how integral being fast is in Modern right now. I’m a huge fan of this G/W Company deck from  Sean Nolan and would love to take that for a spin if I ever get the chance. Ramunap Excavator just has got to be the most fun card to play with, but for me, not for you, you don’t get any lands.

I’d also take notice of this B/W Eldrazi deck if you’re looking to play any Modern in the coming weeks. Brad Nelson played it at the StarCityGames team event over the weekend and a similar deck Top 8’d the Magic Online RPTQ. Maybe Wasteland Strangler is the real deal?

The Top 8 from our Modern Open.

First Place- Berent Batur, R/W Prison

Second Place- Kevin Fang, Abzan

Third Place- Troy Formosa, Burn

Fourth Place- Jordan Raposo, B/W Eldrazi & Taxes

Fifth Place- Alex Frank, Ad Nauseum

Sixth Place- Sam Campbell, U/R Storm

Seventh Place- Sean Nolan, G/W Company

Eighth Place- Hayden Jeanson, U/R Storm

Can’t get enough of the Open Series? Join us on Dec. 2 with two friends as we’ll be hosting a Team Trios Open a Seneca College in Toronto !