While we crowned a new National Champion on one side of the International Centre, Truman Yee and Jerico Reguirre were cementing themselves invites and travel stipends to the next StarCityGames Invitational in our Modern FaceToFaceGames.com Open+.

Open+ winner Truman Yee.

For me, one of the coolest parts about looking at the decklists from this event is the discrepancy between these Top 8 lists and what we’re used to seeing at Toronto-centric events. With players coming from all over the country to compete in Nationals and subsequently this Open+ our usual four copies of Eldrazi were replaced with four blue-based combo decks (five if you include Infect).

Truman’s deck looks very similar to one that had success in a Modern MTGO PTQ recently with the addition of a little Ixalan spice with one copy of Search for Azcanta. Jerico Reguirre held down Toronto’s reputation as a hotbed of colourless decks and is someone who seems to be having a lot of success locally as of late. Ad Nauseum certainly had the biggest day of any single archetype with both Chris Flink and Christopher Milewicz making the elimination rounds but being quickly dispatched in the quarterfinals.

All of these spell-based combo decks hold down a very interesting place in the Modern metagame right now. In theory, Death’s Shadow should be the deck holding them back, but Shadow decks are notably absent from this Top 8 so maybe these combo-specialists are just finding ways to finally beat Thoughtseize. Something’s got to give on the fair side of the format or these Top 8s are going to become all too familiar. Primeval Titan is another card that I found surprisingly absent from the Top 8 of this event which is jarring if you look at the space G/R Titan decks occupy in the MTGO metagame right now.

Can the fair decks adapt? Or is Modern going to be about racing to victory (like always)? You can find out the answer to these questions on Oct.28 at our Modern Open in Saskatoon or on Nov.4 at our Toronto Modern Open at Seneca. It’s truly fascinating to watch the FaceToFaceGames.com Open series develop it’s own Modern metagame, make sure you’re at these events so you can keep up !

First Place, Truman Yee, U/R Breach

Second Place, Jerico Reguirre, Eldrazi Tron

Third Place, Les Miller, U/R Storm

Fourth Place, Louis Debe, B/W Eldrazi and Taxes

Fifth Place, Ted Slone, Merfolk

Sixth Place, Adam Farran, Infect

Seventh Place, Chris Flink, Ad Nauseum

Eighth Place, Christopher Milewicz, Ad Nauseum

Want to try out one of these decklists? Join us this Sunday at Face to Face Games Toronto to tune-up your Modern game at our 1k Sunday Showdown !