Open Recap: Modern in Toronto


While I was in Albuquerque, New Mexico taking in the state of Standard at Pro Tour Ixalan, there was a Modern Open event going down at Seneca College in Toronto. As I’ve said in the past, I find it really interesting how quickly the Toronto Modern metagame can evolve because of the sheer volume of Modern events that happen in the city.

Recently we’ve seen a lot of U/R Storm and Eldrazi Tron dominating locally and players have been tuning and tweaking their decklists to adapt to those top-tier linear strategies. As much as it pains me to say it, the way players adapted on Saturday was primarily with blue control cards and counterspells.

Modern Open winner Caleb Keung

Caleb Keung took down this event with his Grixis Delver deck, and yes I’m still talking about Modern and not Legacy. From what I gather from the Top 8 decklists here, players decided to play tempo-style blue decks and highly interactive decks to get ahead and stay ahead against linear strategies. Caleb’s deck looks exactly like what you’d expect and combines with one copy of Merfolk and a U/R Breach deck to exemplify the strength of blue-tempo at this tournament.

Now, in third place was Omar Beldon with what might be the most wild piece of deckbuilding in his career—which is really saying something. Omar’s U/W Control deck featured a maindeck copy of Runed Halo, four copies of Opt, some Search for Azcantas and four full copies of Field of Ruin. This type of deck is very much right up Omar’s ally when it comes to deckbuilding, but this is just a thing of beauty. Maybe if you all bug him enough, Omar will write about it here on ManaDeprived.

The rest of the Top 8 featured the linear beat down and aggressive decks you’d expect (also 8-Rack), with the bonus of a super sweet Geist of Saint Traft Zoo deck. Aaron Shantz was our token Eldrazi Tron player for this Top 8, and is a strong player overall and a name I’d look out for in the Toronto scene.

Our Modern Open Top 8

Without further adue, some decks:

Caleb Keung, Grixis Delver- First Place

Braiden Duncan, Burn- Second Place

Omar Beldon, U/W Control- Third Place

Courtney Johnson, Geist Zoo- Fourth Place

Aaron Shantz, Eldrazi Tron- Fifth Place

Jesse Packard, Mono-Blue Merfolk- Sixth Place

Zach Brooks, U/R Breach- Seventh Place

Darryl Pineda, 8 Rack-Eighth Place

Stoked about Modern and want to play this weekend? Face to Face Games Toronto has a Modern Last Chance Qualifier in-store this Saturday for the Modern RPTQ in-store on Sunday. Come out and battle for a chance at the Pro Tour !